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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 21, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> kimberly: have a happy thanksgiving. happy travels. have a great night, everyone. except for greg. ♪ >> shannon: the u.s. and egypt brokeer a cease-fire but will it hold up? this is "special report." >> shannon: good evening. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. secretary of state hillary clinton announced truce after a week of retaliation for hamas rocketfire. in a region where they come and go like the seasons, there are concerns how long it can last. we begin in southern israel. >> restaurant, mile from the border, rest of the soldiers like the rest of the country watch noose announcing a cease-fire. officials mediate the deal.
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as did the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. who arrived yesterday in the middle east. >> we will work to consolidate the process, provide security for people of israel. >> half an hour before the truce was scheduled to take effect, benjamin netanyahu spoke to the country. >> i know there are citizens expecting more reangst. we should use this opportunity to achieve a long lasting cease-fire. >> barrage of rockets targeting israel. minutes after there is a border town. >> part of the agreement is israel will stop the targeted assassinations and ease
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restrictions on five-year-old border blockade. earlier in the day the man tossed a bomb inside a bus in tel aviv. 12 people hurt and the attacker fled. first bus bombing in tel aviv since 2006. risked derailing negotiations for the cease-fire. >> we were expecting something from gaza. but not renile of terror in the streets. >> the group didn't take responsial for attack but viewed as a reason to rejoice. >> throughout the day they pounded gaza hitting 120 targets. raising the death toll to 157 palestinians and five israel israelis.
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it's now been about four hours since the cease-fire took effect. along the border it's quiet. overhead we hear the occasionage sound of the israeli aircraft. meanwhile, israel is not taking any chances. tomorrow schools will remained closed if they're within 30 miles of the border. >> shannon: thank you. cease-fire appears to be a foreign policy achievement for the obama administration. many problems remain in the volatile of the tough neighborhoods. here is ed henry. >> president obama has a lot riding on the outcome in the middle east. violence flaring up weeks before the start of the second term. he was on the phone again
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today with two leaders he has a complicated relationship with. egyptian president mohammed morsi and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the president getting netanyahu to agree to the tentative cease-fire with the carrot of additional u.s. funding for iron dome and other missile defense progra programs. >> i have agreed we will fight weapons of terror. >> u.s. and israel knows they send the rockets to hamas through egypt, which is why the president is using more of a stick in the conversation with morsi. today, hillary clinton praising and pushing morsi, member of the muslim brothe brotherhood. >> this is a critical new moment. they are assuming the responsibility of the leadership that made the
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country corner stone of the regional stability and peace. >> israeli officials are blunter. pressuring morsi to finally stop the spread of the deadliest rockets that are raining down. >> responsibility there to step up to the plate and stop the smuggling. egypt has been constructive in the past. has had a constructive role. we hope egypt will continue to fulfill a constructive role now and in the future. >> last weekend, republican senator lindsey graham threatened to cut off the billion dollars in u.s. aid unless morsi helped stop the violence. today, graham joins senators mccain and kelly ayotte in going further. saying we urge president morsi to act swiftly to stop the smuggling of weapons to extremists in gaza and sinai. which is a threat to egypt's own sovereignty, stability and national security. now two months after the president stopped short of calling egypt an ally, top officials here say they believe so far morsi shown himself to be someone they can do business with. they realize inside the white house the cease-fire may not
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hold. they may need morsi's help again very soon. shannon? >> shannon: much more with the panel coming up. ed, thank you. those braving the shopping odyssey as black friday may have more crazy to deal with than usual because the labor organizers pick that day to make a point in front of the largest possible audience. chief washington correspondent james rosen explains. >> black friday, a third of americans shop online or brick and mortar stores should prove dark indeed for the country's largest retailer wal-mart. many of the company 1.4 million employees are set to picket outside 1300 wal-mart stores. following on similar actions in 12 cities last month. behind it all is our wal-mart. group loosely affiliate affiliah the united food and commercial workers union both of which claim wal-mart doesn't pay enough in salary and health benefits.
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>> we have a view that the employment practices are colonialist, long working hours and no job security. >> to preevent picketing wal-mart filed unfair labor practices claim with the national labor relations board. nlrb. they claim they are mounting a stealth effort to unionize wal-mart's workforce. >> they are trying to rally unsuccessfully. they have a good deal at wal-mart. >> a republican member and three democrats the nlrb spent four days deposing witnesses and reviewing documents and expected to issue a rare ruling in the wal-mart dispute. outside los angeles, international airport. the service workers international union staged a protest against a nonunionized airport contractor.
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snarling travel at the busiest hub. if mandatory evaluation falter the flight attendants will walk the picket line instead of a first class aisle. >> they are reeling from crushing defeats. in washington they failed to oust walker. in michigan they suffered a valid defeat. the past election day. i think you are seeing an effort to get win on their side. >> that was not cooked up by bakers union on strike against hostess. a judge approved request to liquidate assets so unemployment for 18,000 workers. >> shannon: does it mean never again twinkies or wonder bread? >> hostess received lucrative offers to purpose the brand
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names so twinkies and ho-ho and ding-dongs in my future. i don't know about yours. >> shannon: "hear! hear!" hope lives on. taking heat for taking turkey later in the grapevine. up next, feeling the heat in chicago. two weeks after being re-elected jesse jackson john your makes a huge decision.
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>> shannon: illinois congressman jesse jackson junior resigned, marking an end to a turbulent year for jackson. the trouble might not be over. mike tobin has the latest from chicago. >> i'd like to associate myself with the concerns -- >> in a letter to house speaker john boehner the former congressman jesse jackson junior prioritizes his health as the reason he is stepping down. he does acknowledge the investigation that dogged him. writing i have made my share of mistakes and aware of the
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ongoing federal investigation in my activities and doing my best to address the situation responsibly. cooperate with investigators and accept responsibility for my mistakes. they are my mistakes and mine alone. they talk about skimming campaign found remodel his house and buy expensive jewelry for a mist res. he was investigated by the investigating committee after being caught up in the blagojevich scandal. he met with businessmen who raise money for blagojevich if jackson were appointed to the senate seat vacated by president obama in 2008. >> they feel like they can do this [bleep] to do anything under the vague assurances, or something, then i'll [bleep] jesse junior. >> this is a long fall for a congressman initially thought to be a rising star on capitol hill. with terrific name recognition
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and invitation to address the national convention four years ago. >> america, we need you to be with obama. >> amid the growing allegations the congressman took medical leave. that was kept from the public for 15 days. he campaigned with a robo call and television ad and easily defeated two challengers. cook county clerk david orr says a special election cannot be held fast enough to fill jackson's seat in time for the session in congress in january. >> shannon: mike tobin, thank you. mortgage rates hit a new low. the average interest charged on 30-year fixed loan dipped to 3.1%.
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>> tonight, chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us there is a lot of talk and precious little action so far. >> thanksgiving and christmas holidays the number of legislative days until the nation hits the fiscal live are limited. much to be worked out. numbers are set for spending cuts and revenue increase. they recognize it cannot be done by the end of the year. so they want extension of current tax rate and spending levels. >> it seems a prudent course of action is figure out a bridge that takes us for some for of time. avoid issues fruition on january 1. >> the top republican said
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jeff sessions sent this letter to the top four leaders in congress saying if they are planning extension of unemployment insurance, offset for the changes must be achieved through real safings. not gimmicks like baseline saving from future war spendings that is not expected to occur. the markets won't reout well to staying the course. >> the worst thing that can happen is we put a temporary fix in. deal with it next year. >> senator joe manchin says it's important for washington to seize the moment. >> i believe with the election behind us ve a short period to do something monumental for country and generation. i hope we take advantage of it. i do. >> the uncertainty led wal-mart and other manufacturing companies to decide to pay quarterly dividends in december instead
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of january. threat of massive spending cut led to boom for lobbyists. the web site open secrets reports 421 groups added lobbyist i and many universities worried about the education spending and federally funded research. >> the check is not in the mail for greece. they are fee using to. they are causing fears of a default. >> they protested the pain over and over. the cuts greece has had to make to qualify for the bail-out money it needs have been unpopular. >> the german chance lar angela merkel in charge of the purse strings acknowledged the sacrifices. >> this is an important improvement we know the evident it's cost the
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government. >> but it's not enough. they could not agree to calf up the bail-out funding that greece needs. >> the res key plan is too tough for greece. the debt level for greece is shooting up more than expectations. we start with a new plan. >> the problem then becomes political. how do other european leaders explain to the beleaguered constituents while more money has to go to greece's bail bail-out? another headache for the united states. europe is a huge export market for america. greece is not the issue but how the bail-out is handled is a litmus test that america is watching. >> they should be aware what this would mean further down the road when the real country
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too big to failed but too big to be bailed out has to go through the same process. >> that country is spain. this is important that other troubles countries see that greece stays the course as they pursue their own austerity program. >> shannon: thank you. >> shannon: two bombers struck base in kabul today and intercepted by security but a vest exploded. the lone gunman from the massacre put to death today. the pakistani citizen was hanged in secrecy. he and nine other gunman staged a throw-day assault to kill 166 people four years ago. still ahead, perspective from reporter who lived in the middle east. first ; not the thanksgiving that people on coney island
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>> shannon: the federal communication commission is talking about cell phone towers have backup supply soto avoid outals like in hurricane sandy. many people lost more, like their homes and way of live. tonight, eric shawn on thanksgiving many people never imagined. >> three weeks later there is a need. >> apple, ham and cheese, crackers, juices. >> even now, coney island resident remains without heat. she stood in line to get bottled water and bags of
3:24 pm
snacks to carry back to her cold apartment. >> did you think it would be this long? >> no. >> the worst i've seen. >> they hand out everything from pretzel to diapers. the impact is lasting. >> the storm's problem it created there is a long-term damage swept to work hard to sustain the basic needs. >> most americans are thinking of turkey and trimmings the storm victims are thankful for the basics. >> this was scary. never experienced this in my life. never. >> i pray every day. gets me through. >> breezy point queens where houses were destroyed the state provided meals for volunteers and first responders. >> todd, everybody wants to be home with the family. some of these people. any way we help we'll the our
3:25 pm
part. >> for many, this holiday brought unexpected blessings. >> we need help down here. >> the food distribution center will continue through next week. tomorrow they will distribute turkey dinners. including butter ball, stuffing, cranberry sauce and finish off with apple pie. >> thank you for reminding us what they're going through. millions of you started or going over the river and through the woods for the thanksgiving holiday. experts say more of you are driving, fewer are flying. triple-a says 46 million americans will journey 50 miles or more from home. this afternoon, obama turned holiday tradition to social
3:26 pm
media experience. pardoned two turkeys. top billing and ice cream went to cobbler. he and his friend gobbleer will go to mount vernon estate. next in grapevine, the president takes heat for keeping those guys out of the oven. the administration is still having trouble with the concept of an ally. 
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grapevine. people for ethical treatm of animals does not see anything cute about the annual presidential turkey pardon we showed you a few moments ago. in a letter to the white house, peter wrote, "the white house turkey pardon is a sorely outdated event. it makes light of the mass slaughter of 46 million gentle, intelligent birds, and portrays the united states president as being in on a business partnership with the turkey killing industry." and also took issue with the term pardon but they are guilty of nothing but being born in world of prejudice. >> judge in oklahoma sentenced teenager to ten years of church attendance though he admits it probably won't hold up legally. he was convicted of manslaughter. he will need to attend welding school. the local chapter of aclu called it violation of first
3:31 pm
amendment. ed henry told us that earlier in year, president obama was unsure whether egypt is still an american ally. now his homeland secretary believes france is at the top of the list. janet napolitano disputed they hacked in the headquarters ahead of the election. we have no greater partner than france. yes, no ally like better than -- we have no greater ally than france. but canada is seen as the ally and then britain and israel are next. france is sixth. ♪ ♪ our top story at bottom of the hour, israel and hamas gaza agreed to cease-fire. it calls for both sides to end hos siltys and what are the
3:32 pm
chances for success. national security correspondent jennifer griffin lived and works in that region joineds us live from the pentagon. good evening. what do you think. would the deal have happened without the secretary of state hillary clinton's intervention? >> yes and no. it's interesting to note that hamas had agreed to this agre agreement 24 hours before the secretary arrived. it was supposed to, the cease-fire was supposed to go in to effect at 9:00 p.m. local time last night. that is when hillary clinton was landing in jerusalem to meet with prime minister of israel. that is when she began her 24 hours of shuttle diplomacy. it's interesting that the white house is taking credit for the truce. the statement from the white house said that the president recommended to thehe accept the deal. the deal that the egyptians had achieved with hamas. what is striking to me how s
3:33 pm
how much power it will give to spoilers as an iranian proxy group like jihad and popular resistance committee, because everything falls apart if there is any fire from the gaza strip. it looks a little tenuous now. the one achievement is that she made the president of egypt and egypt responsible if for hamas' actions from the strip. knowing the history and players as well as you, do how surprising is that it israel would agree to the cease-fire the same day that the deadly bomb went off on a bus in tel aviv. >> i was surprised to see that. remember there has not been a terror attack in tel aviv since 2006. that is a period of time i remember very well. because we covered most of those bombings at that time when we lived there. it was striking to me that israel would agree to the cease-fire and not have a chance to respond in essence to this bombing on the bus.
3:34 pm
nobody was killed but 24 people were injured. traumatizing event for israel, and for them not to respond is si message that elevates hamas. i was struck when i heard that amadahn was the spokesman for hamas on the air. i saw him on cnn moments ago and i remember him when he lived in tehran in 1984. i interviewed him there after the first bus bombing in tel aviv. so here we are 18 years later and he speaking for hamas and hamas no longer an underground terror movement but the representative of the palestinian people. >> shannon: and quickly, jennifer, hamas leaders say part of the deal includes opening of all of gaza's borders but do we know if it does? >> according to a diplomatic sources that i have spoken to, the maritime blockade that israel has in effect will remain. so it's not clear how the borders really be open. it's not clear there will be any loosening of the
3:35 pm
restrictions in terms of the palestinians going in to israel. certainly the maritime blockade i'm told will remain in effect. >> shannon: jennifer live at the pentagon. thank you. we're going to talk more about this mideast situation with the fox all-stars when we come back. [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, and noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. a wand, some wings, soup with good things. sidewalks and doodles and wholesome noodles. puddles and pails and yes, puppy dog tails. for a lunch like this, there's a hug and a kiss. because that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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we are partners across the region. consolidate the progress. improve conditions for the people of gaza. provide security for israel. >> we implemented military force and political wisdom. there are those who expect a more intense mytary response that may be needed. at this time, right thing is
3:39 pm
exhaust the opportunity to obtain a long-term cease-fire. >> shannon: all right. bring in the panel. a.b. stoddard associate editor of the hill. colullnist for the daily beas beast. and charles krauthammer. secretary hillary clinton made it clear that the agreement is in the hands of the egyptians, enforcement and keeping the peace they have a lot of responsibility. is that a good place to entrust it? >> they don't have a choice. israelis and obama and clinton had to take the opportunity to work with morsi and the new egyptian government. because they were at least on the face of it showing a commitment to peace. initially the cease-fire. we don't know how much pressure they will put on hamas but it's better than being turned down. at this point you are looking at an i greement that is not enforceable. there is a 24-hour period they
3:40 pm
will get talking about the specifics of how each side could attain goals which when we look at them seem unattainable. so it's fragile. but the fact we have some engagement on part of the egyptian government formed by the brotherhood is really, really significant momentum. we can be cynical and not so hopeful about it but they have no choice than to trust the fact that he has put nims the line. to get this going. whether or not he can keep it going is another question. >> both sides of this have very publicly sort of lamented their doubts about the other side staying true to any type of agreement. is it worth continuing to hash this out? >> well, look, this was the best outcome and the situation. if they had gone in to a ground war things would have spiraled out of control and put egypt in a terrible position in terms of having to choose sides. it is a muslim brotherhood, leader of the country, hamas
3:41 pm
is muslim brotherhood organizationment so what you don't want is to have the regional players get involved, the other regional players beyond iran getting involved. so it's the best outcome. the question is whether or not it holds. how long it holds. whether people live up to the obligations that they have made. >> prime minister netanyahu is sickalling that we are keeping an eye on this and nothing is off the table yet. >> the terms of the cease-fire are change -- they haven't been disclosed. i'm not sure they are known. tomorrow we talk about who gets what. if you decide that hamas or israel, hamas seeking listening of the embargo on the blockade. not get that.
3:42 pm
it may get some cosmetic changes. they will lead a little at the edges so it can hand over something. it can hand over a little bit more easy to get in and out of israel if you are a worker. but the -- so, that demand is not going to be met. israelis want an egyptian guarantee that they would stop the smuggling. the reason that you have the rockets that reach tel aviv and jerusalem is because of the new regime. sinai is a to man's land -- no man's land. smuggling of weapons is reaching a high level. israelis have to stop them that and otherwise they will be another war in a few months because they cannot allow a buildup of the rockets. they didn't get that, the israelis. what they did get if you look at the statement, from obama he says he will work with israel. we, the united states, to prevent the smuggling. they didn't say egypt. they obviously have to use egypt because egypt is in control. that is remain -- it remains
3:43 pm
up in the air how much egypt will do. that will determine if there is a renewal of the war. what is important is a complicated game for netanyahu. he was under pressure from the israelis in the south and from the seasonals who were mobilized, had to leave their jobs. he decided he wouldn't, a political hit. he did it to tell obama i will tellp you out and go easy and pull back. he understands that the big game is iran. he doesn't want to blow his relationship with obama over this. >> shannon: they also said part of this is israel will stop the targeted assassinations. we haven't heard israel say they would agree with that.
3:44 pm
having taken out hamas' leader not that long ago. >> that is the goal. it's potent for israel should it strike around is a looming question. over this military operation. they are not going to agree -- under any term of the deal to ever say oh,, it's not going to take out the most powerful people. of course they are. they are trying to take out the capability. there might be some cosmetic ways to fudge this but this is egypt is going to enforce this and with the, with the conflict with iran really being the background issue here, what path will netanyahu
3:45 pm
snake that is why they leave the options open for ground invasion plan if they have to. >> shannon: final word to you. >> if it holds the next question is what will the administration do? is obama going to appoint an envoy? people throw around bill clinton's name but he and netanyahu don't a great relationship. if space is created to have a conversation. that would be the hope. this wouldn't a pause but it would be a moment to stop and start actually having a real conversation. >> shannon: that is it on this topic but up next, labor unions flexing their muscles. [ male announcer ] black friday will never be thsame. with our 1-hour in stock arantee, get here between 10 and 11, and you're guaranteed to get these electronic gifts in time for christmas.
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the first and only place to go on black friday. walmart.
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we filed that complaint last week and now it's in the hands of the labor board. we'll let them sort that out and figure out. we think what they are doing is illegal. they have been doing the demonstrations for more than 30 days. but this week, like i said, we are focused like a laser on black friday and it will be an awesome day. >> shannon: that was wal-mart spokesperson david tobar. here from the department of public affairs -- the office of general counsel is continuing to investigate the wal-mart charge filed the little rock, resident office alleging illegal picketed at the stores by the union. beginning monday morning, staff from multiple regions have been taking affidavits from witnesses and sifting through documents by wal-mart and obtaining response and evidence from the union. illegal issues and what constituting ticketing and whether it was aimed to gain recognition from the union are
3:50 pm
complex. so here, to iron it out. back with our panel, a.b., kirsten and charles. kirsten, i'll start with you on this. wal-mart is not unionized and black friday is a huge day for them. they may have workers picketing who are nonunion folks but there has clearly been a union driver behind this. not just showing up at thanksgiving. for years there have been efforts to unionize what is the largest retailer in the u.s. >> we live in a free country. amazing what people can do. they are allowed to make decisions and gather places, and revolutionary. >> i find it strange that conservatives are upset about this, that a government entity is telling people they are not allowed to congregate. >> shannon: there are rules to the game. >> there shouldn't be. i think there is someone can make a -- judge andrew napolitano could control on and make an arguement that the national labor relations board has no constitutional right to tell americans where they can gather and, you know, how they associate and how they can organize in order to be able to get, you know, fight for
3:51 pm
their workers' rights. in terps of the people who will have the black friday disrupted that is unfortunate, but i just, i kind of placed the right to workers over shopping personally. >> shannon: i would not get in between somebody camped out waiting for a flat screen t and the ts on friday. but it brings up an important debate right of workers and whether it's time to step in or not. they haven't made a decision. may come friday or tomorrow. >> i think the legalities are fairly ambiguous and debatable. but agree with you surely as a matter of safety, i would not advise the pinters to get between -- picketers to get between the early morning shoppers tomorrow. well, friday. >> mild night thursday. >> and the bargains, because those who in the past have found themselveses in their no man's land, are the shoppers and security guards. have not as a general rule
3:52 pm
come out intact. >> it's literally dangerous. >> that is the advice i give to someone who cares about the fellow human beings. legalities, there are reasons we have restrictions on these. picketing laws outside abortion clinics. you can be so near. there is a certain limit to where you can go. i think there are reasons you have to have an ordered society. as to whether in you ought not be allowed to picket under the circumstances i would agree with kirsten in general. you want to be more on the side of allowing free assembly. and to be fairly circumscribed in how you restrict them. >> shannon: this isn't the only thing going on. we heard from james rosen in his reporting about, you know, the union issues at lax at a time the busiest travel period of the year. flight attendants who may also be engaging in the discussions and potential strike as well. this is a time of year to do it if you want attention. >> right. i would argue that, you know, we know that unions are facing a real sort of turning point.
3:53 pm
real moment. kind of a crisis really. they are losing the influence and the political impact. they are really seeking attention. if you want attention, black friday is the great time to do it. i'm not flying in lax. travelers will require 90 minute extra. time for delay. i think there will be a backlash to what they are doing but i don't think they care. their objective is shine the spotlight on their activities. and they are happy with the consequences that follow. they have grievances to express. they hope to win on the issues. to make it a big story is to get attention. >> it will get them attention at the cost of sympathy. you know, in the end, if you want to win hearts and minds, the union movement is in steep decline.
3:54 pm
the only growing sector is the public sector. which itself got crushed in wisconsin. and is being defeated elsewhere. so, the kind of a desperate move. i wouldn't restrict them legally but in the end they know they are in a losing battle for public opinion. this isn't going to help them. >> kirsten, this could be a huge coop for them. >> lax? >> no. not the lax thing but with the wal-mart situation, look, if wal-mart wants to stave this off, they can respond to their grievances, which is they want to have better pay and they want better healthcare. >> i am bothered by the argument. because let's just play that all the way out. if you could just get rid of unions, and then give all the power to the people, you know, the wal-marts of the world. >> or people basically saying the workers cannot unite to negotiate. >> not just find another job.
3:55 pm
they could go to another job and have the same problem. they cleckively negotiate. that is how they get power. >> we do have shoa laws and worker protective laws and we have minimum hourly wages. you say the safeguards aren't enough? >> it's not about the safeguards. this is about whether or not they can collectively come together and to make demands to the employer. i argue they should do that and the national labor relations board should have no say in that as far as i'm concerned. charles says you have safety concerns, that is one thing. set up where people can picket. but the idea to tell them whether they can protest or not i don't know how that is constitutional. >> i'm worried about the safety of the picketers to be crushed by shoppers. >> shannon: thanks, panel. that is it. stay tuned, though, if you are one of those who find the family holiday get-togethers less than pleasant you may have another option this year. begin.
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>> shannon: if your holiday if your holiday gatherings are more stressful than blissful. >> do you hate the holiday air travel as much as the awkward thanksgiving dinner with family, announcing united airlines reluctant travelers service. for nominal fee we will book you on pretend flight. gate number and arrival time you can tell your family. then at the last minute oh, no, your flight has been cancelled. you wanted it be there but what can you do? united airlines. >> shannon: none of us would ever do that, would we? we love our


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